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Jobs with a red * require training and certification in Schoology. See instructions below. 

Training Manuals:                                                                                                    *Schoology*    FAQs     *Training & Certification Required

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Field Reset Guide     Field Tracker     Queuer Manual    *Referee & Head Ref Manual    

*Scorekeeper Manual  Scoretracker Manual   *Scoring System Guide    *Score Sheets: 1 per page - red | 1 per page blue |  2 per page

   Emcee & Game Announcer TRAINING      Game Announcer Manual      See an Announcer in action #1 #2 #3 

Opening Ceremony Script   Alliance Selection Script   Award Ceremony Script     

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Mentor Manual    Volunteer Coordinator Manual   

Jobs listed above with a red *, require training and certification through Schoology.  (see instructions below)

Volunteer training and certifications are completed through the Schoology learning management system. 

If you volunteered at a FIRST Tech Challenge event last season and used Schoology, you can skip Step 1 
and just sign in and then join the course as described in Step 2. 

If you don’t have a Schoology account, please create a new account by following instructions in Step 1 below, and then join the course.

Open a web browser and go to www.schoology.com
In the top right corner, select 'Sign Up'.
You will then be prompted to sign up as 'Instructor', 'Student', or 'Parent'. Choose 'Instructor'.
IMPORTANT: Please use your same email address used to register in the Volunteer Information and Matching System (VIMS).
Then fill out the registration form and select 'Register'.

Once you have created a Schoology account, you will need to join the volunteer course for the role/job you were assigned.
Select 'Courses' from the menu at the top of the screen.
Then select 'Join' from the drop-down menu.
You will be asked to enter the Access Code for the course. 
    Enter the Schoology Access Code (from the list below) for your assigned job/role.
Then select 'Join'.

Visual Instructions: To view pictures of this process along with these instructions, view the following document: Schoology Instruction Doc

Judge Advisors NOTE:

JAs should inform their judges that mentors aren't to be engaged as part of the judging process. An incident occurred at an event last week where a judge, during a team's judging session, repeatedly directed questions to the observing mentors. The mentors were reluctant to respond as, per the rules, they knew they were supposed to speak during judging which caused confusion and tension for all.

It is recommended that judges welcome teams into the room with a kind word and a smile. Then, ask the team if they have a presentation (less than 10 minutes) or if they'd prefer to go right to Q&As. This will help alleviate that awkward moment when no one knows what to do next!
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