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Volunteer Roles 

Lead Volunteers  >18 yrs. Lead Volunteers are the Volunteer positions that have other Volunteers reporting directly to them. Lead Volunteers should have some ability to effectively manage and communicate with others. Make sure to assign your Lead Volunteers as early on as possible. Since these positions require training, the earlier these roles are assigned, the sooner the trainings can be completed. In addition, Lead Volunteers may be able to assist with recruiting Volunteers for other roles at the Event. 

Field Technical Advisor (FTA)  >18 yrs. This should be one of the first roles filled for an Event. The FTA is a vital Volunteer who concentrates on technical issues (such as the Scoring System, Robot issues, etc.) and making sure the Event runs smoothly from a technical perspective. Head Referee Head Referees play a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of Matchplay and maintaining the pace of the Event. The Referees work under the direction of the Head Referee and may be required to participate in deliberations regarding contested Referee calls by Teams. 

Field Manager  >18 yrs. The Field Manager participates in Field set-up and maintenance, directs activity on the Field to ensure smooth execution of the Matches. The Field Manager plays a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of Matchplay and maintaining the pace of the Event.

Judge Advisor  >18 yrs. The Judge Advisor coordinates the Judging process, including training Judges, scheduling the Judging interviews, facilitating group deliberation sessions, ensuring the Award decisions are made, and the Awards Script is written. 

The Judges, Judge Assistant, and Judge Match Observers look to the Judge Advisor for training materials, schedules, and other general questions. 

Lead Scorekeeper >18 yrs. The Lead Scorekeeper is responsible for entering each score into the Scoring System. 

The Referee provides the Scorekeeper with the Score Sheet. The Scorekeeper is also responsible for running and managing the Scoring System displays. 

Pit Manager  >18 yrs. This role is necessary to assist Teams, spectators, or any other visitor to the Event with answering questions. Stationed in the Pit Area, this person fields many questions throughout the day, from where the Competition is happening, to the timing of the Event. This Volunteer will collect necessary forms from Teams, and make important announcements to the Teams throughout the day. 

Lead Robot Inspector  >18 yrs. The Lead Robot Inspector is responsible for ensuring all Robots follow the build guidelines outlined in the Game Manual Part 1 and are ready to compete on the field. The Robot Inspector will also make sure each Team’s Robot passes through a Field Inspection, making sure the Robot has the correct software and configurations to compete. 

Field Inspector >18 yrs. The Field Inspection process is in place to ensure that every Robot can successfully connect and compete in a Match. The Field Inspector must also go through the Field Inspection Checklist which includes verifying settings on the Team’s Android device to reminding the Teams to stay on time for each Match. 

Referee Referees are responsible for observing Matchplay, filling out scoring sheets each Match, and calling rule infractions when necessary. Referees have a crucial role and must be well versed in the Game rules. The Referees report to the Head Referee. 

Judge Panels of Judges are responsible for interviewing Teams, visiting Teams in the pits to gather additional information, and watching Matches. Most importantly they are responsible for deliberating on Teams as a group to determine which Teams deserve which award. The Judges report to the Judge Advisor. 

Queuer Queuers are responsible for managing Team traffic to and from the playing Field. Stage and position Teams in preparation for the start of Matches. They play a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of Matchplay and maintaining the pace of the Event. 

Emcee/Game Announcer Although these are two separate positions, in some cases they are combined into one. The Emcee is responsible for setting the tone of the Competition, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere throughout the Event. The Game Announcer introduces Teams, provides play by play commentary, and reports scores to the audience.