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Robot Shop
Robot Shop envelope (found in Robot Shop clear bin) has been updated and now includes the TETRIX bill of materials (found inside envelope), with prices. Please return the BOM to the envelope, post-event, along with the Robot Shop sign out sheet and and payment collected.

Info for your Lead Inspectors "the man in the yellow hat": The Main Power Switches ordered for the Robot Shop didn't make it in time to get on the trailers. As last week, if a team comes to inspections without the switch, they can be passed but informed that they will need one in place at the next event where they compete.

The REV Expansion Hub kit from the FTC Storefront includes a main power switch. Several teams were unaware that they already had one. The FTC rookie kit of parts will definitely include it. Veteran teams that purchased the REV hub through the FTC Storefront, as $150 in funding from DTE Energy Foundation is available for this purpose, will have one as well. REV hubs purchased directly from the supplier did not include the switch.

Trailer docs

ECs are asked to hold a packing meeting, between alliance selections and eliminations, where a packing/loading plan is formulated for all those involved in event tear down. Refer to the above-linked Trailer Inventory doc and Trailer Loading Instructions for what belongs in each FiM bin, bag, and box and where it should be loaded on the trailer. The next event will thank you!

Trailer Inventory: has been updated. Good sheet to have on hand for unloading/loading.

Trailer shelves marked with caution tape or boxes marked "Stock" should not be unloaded from the trailer.

Establish a place where FiM gear will be staged. As volunteers break down an area, the FiM gear can be placed there for a quick check-off before loading. Having a person in charge of checking that all FiM gear has been collected from all areas (Volunteer room, judging, inspections, Robot Shop, etc. helps ensure the next host getting that trailer has everything they need. Note that clipboards are often forgotten - FiM clipboards are marked "FiM' on the front/back.
We apologize in advance for our "old" trailer as it can't be fitted with shelves and lacks the organization of our newer trailers.

Volunteer Coordinator Bins - there are 2 this season:

Volunteer Coordinator (VC) Bin - Combo of VC and EC items. This bin contains the Team Game Pins, badges/lanyards, Volunteer Pins (year and game pins), CSA and Lead Robot Inspector hats (2 of each). Post-event, this bin contains leftovers of the above and all pin containers. This is where Team paperwork should be placed post-event.

Judges Bin -
Dedicated to Judges shirts - assorted sizes, rolled up. Please do not unroll the shirts. The size label is on the neck and can be used to sort the "rolls" by sizes. Judges can then pick their shirt and unroll it. I did provide a small plastic container for rubber bands. :).
Post-event, worn Judges shirts should go in the laundry bag. Clean, rolled shirts go back in the bin. Please give the laundry bag to the driver for your event and/or place it just inside the trailer side door so that Tammy can easily grab it.
There are two Competition Field Bins this season: These should stay in the Field Command area (where FTA, Scorekeeper, AV, etc. work)

Office Supply Bin 
(bin is still marked Competition Field) - all the supplies needed for around the Field Command area. These supplies must be returned to this bin post-event (except consumables). The host provides these sort of supplies for other event areas (Pits, Inspections, Judges, Team Check-in, etc.).

Two black plastic table skirts are included. These are disposable. There are extras on the trailer as the full season's worth is stored on each. If an extra one is used, let Tammy know so that a replacement can be added. I buy them at Gordon's Food Service and they do come in colors if an event would like to do themed colors or red/blue for queuing tables. FiM only does black.

Referee Bin - New this season. This bin should stay in the Field Command Area.
Referee shirts - assorted sizes, rolled up. Please do not unroll the shirts. The size label is on the neck and can be used to sort the "rolls" by sizes. Judges can then pick their shirt and unroll it. As we've found, many Referees work a "morning" role then go directly to the competition area so it made sense to keep all of their shirts there too.
Post-event, worn referee shirts should go in the laundry bag. Clean, rolled shirts ones stay in the bin.
A Head Referee shirt is provided in this bin (yellow/black) that is the size stipulated by your event's HR in VIMS. Their choice if they want to wear this shirt, their FRC HR shirt (if applicable), or a regular referee shirt. If could also be in the VC Bin, if it's not found in this bin.

Referee specific gear - Manila folder of Pictographs in page protectors (return them here post-event; leave velcro in place), Penalty Cards, red/blue penalty flags, two randomization dice, Alliance Pinneys, referee clipboards,
Any questions or issues during the weekend
Note that signals are often weak in the competition area so leave a voicemail and/or text.

Tammy Damrath
FIRST in Michigan FTC