All Volunteer Needs Have Been Met for This Event. Thank you to our 137 passionate Volunteers!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          VMS
Food Love
Free food and refreshments are provided to volunteers all day and volunteers get a Certificate of Appreciation for their service.

1. Click the image below to volunteer! It takes you through the FIRST  Volunteer Info Matching System (VIMS).

          *If the site is down, just send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator with your contact information and the jobs you can do.
         Next, complete the Walk-on Volunteer Form and the Consent & Release Form
         and email them to or bring them to Volunteer Check-in Table.  THANK YOU!
2. Once you complete VIMS and get school security clearance, you'll be assigned a job by the Volunteer Coordinator.
3. If your job requires certification in Schoology, please follow the instructions on the lower part of the  Job Training Page
4. The Volunteer Coordinator will email you and will make sure you have everything you need to participate confidently.   Thank you for supporting our kids!

McU-Bots Volunteer Flowchart

Volunteer Coordinators
McUbots Robotics Team Teacher-Leader: Kidada Simmons
Event Volunteer Coordinator: Renee Newman
McCollough-Unis School Principal/ Facilities Coordinator: Chadi Farhat

Event Coordinator: Kidada Simmons
Volunteer Coordinator: Renee Newman
FTAA (1)
FTAA (2)
CSA 1 (Technical Help): Bhavna Khetan, exp. CSA, Northville
CSA 2 or CSAA: Ashna Khetan M (14, exp. CSA/FTA) Northville
Lead Scorekeeper
Scorekeeper 2
Game Announcer
Game Announcer
Head Referee*
Referee 1
Referee 2
Referee 3
Referee 4
INSPECTORS:   7:30 AM - 10:15 AM 
Lead Inspector*
Inspector 1
Inspector 2
Inspector 3
Inspector 4
Field Manager
Field Reset
Field Reset
Field Reset
Field Reset
Lead Queuer Field 1
Queuer Field 1
Queuing Runner 1
Lead Queuer Field 2
Queuer Field 2
Queuing Runner 2
Team Registration
Team Registration Asst.
Pit Admin Lead
Pit Admin Support
Safety Glass
Safety Glass
Practice Field Attendant
Audio Visual
JUDGES: At least 2 per room
Judge Advisor
Judging Assistant
Judge 1
Judge 2
Judge 3
Judge 4
Judge 5
Judge 6
Judge 7
Judge 8
Judge 9
Judge 10
Judge 11
Judge 12
Field Match Observer
Judges Room Asst.- 1
Judges Room Asst - 2
Judges Room Asst.- 3
Judges Room Asst.- 4
Judges Room Asst.- 5
Judges Room Asst.- 6
Judges Runner - 1
Judges Runner - 2
GENERAL:  6:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Floater 1 (Loading; crowd control): Catherine Morrison (Dbn. Sch.) 6-8am
Floater 2 (Load in/out; crowd control)
First Aid
Volunteer Check-in
Facilities Coordinator (can be EC): Chadi Farhat, Unis Principal
Hospitality/Food Coordinator: Miriam Farhat, Dbn. Schools
Concessions Worker
Concessions Worker
 Volunteer Resources

Green Gear Icon FIRST Volunteer Information Matching System VIMS
      ---all volunteers must register in VIMS to get clearance

Green Gear Icon  Volunteer Jobs and Descriptions   Short List of Jobs

Green Gear Icon   Volunteer Jobs and Job Training Resources

Green Gear Icon  Consent and Release Form 
      Required for all event participants.  
      (Team members, Coaches, Mentors, Judges, and Volunteers)

Green Gear Icon  Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement 
      Required form for specific Volunteer roles.

FIRST Volunteer Policies and Procedures

Adult volunteers do trained jobs (age 18+), like Judge, Referee, Inspector,    
     Scorekeeper, Master of Ceremony, IT, Event Coordinator, Announcer, Field).

Young Adult Volunteers (age 13+) can do non-technical jobs
     (concessions, crowd control, safety, hall monitors, give directions,
      runner, assistant).

FIRST Volunteer Code of Conduct

FIRST Volunteer Bill of Rights

FIRST Volunteer Customer Service Training

Explanation of FIRST Volunteer Forms & Policies 
Chart outlines how to process volunteer forms. 

FTC Guide for Volunteer Coordinators

Walk-On Event Volunteer Policy and Application Form 
Required for Volunteers. not previously assigned in VIMS.

Medical Incident Report Form 
For medical incidents that occur at events.

Non-Medical Incident or Safety Concern Report Form
For non-medical incidents that occur at events.

Volunteer Organizational Chart  (click image to enlarge)

FIRST FTC Robitics Event Volunteer Chart

Subpages (3): Recognition Roles Training