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Welcome, Dearborn FTC Qualifier Teams!

We are happy that you will be joining us in Dearborn. Please keep the following information in mind as you prepare for our event:

1. Make sure that all students complete the TWO (national and Michigan) FIRST Consent and Release forms. If your teams want to complete both paper forms, I suggest you make double-sided copies with the national and Michigan forms on one paper. Only the national FIRST Consent and Release forms are part of the electronic team registration, so each team must print and complete the FiM, FIRST in Michigan Consent and Release, form for every student. All forms must be turned in during registration along with a Team Roster.

2. Registration fees are due once teams arrive and check in at the registration table. The fee is $100 PER TEAM. We are only accepting checks (NO CASH). Please make checks payable to Dearborn Public Schools (with your team name/ number on the Notes line).

3. Early Check-in/ Robot Inspections on Friday is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. This is OPTIONAL to teams, but it frees up your team's time on Saturday. It's one thing you can check off of your teams To-Do List before Judging begins.

FYI-Your entire team does not have to be present for early Check-in/ Robot Inspection.

4. Teams are responsible for bringing safety glasses for ALL members of the team. Safety glasses must be worn in the Pit area at all times.

5. Please check the game rules and make sure you have the NEW required Robot Power Switch for your team's robot.

6. Make sure that you have updated all software systems for your robot. Please see the previous email for software updates from FiM.

7. Remind everyone to please keep your team's areas clean. This does include the Pits and cafeteria area. NO food or beverages are allowed in the Pit area. Also, please remove all debris and trash before you leave.

8. Gracious Professionalism is a must for all teams. Please model this behavior and remind your teams often of this expectation. Volunteers, other teams, and spectators are looking forward to enjoying a wonderful day of STEM fun with you.

9. Each team is responsible for providing at least ONE VOLUNTEER for the event. Please go to for detailed steps on how to sign up as a volunteer. We would appreciate it if each team had their volunteer registered by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27th. FIRST requires that all volunteers go through screening/background check during volunteer registration. It usually takes about a week for each volunteer to be screened online.

Please see the Event Agenda and Event Information for more details!

If you have any questions, please contact me at

See you soon!