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Your team is confirmed for the Dearborn FTC Spring Event!
This page contains everything you need to know, including details about event location,   parking,  event info food,  team dashboard,  participation,  schedules,  team volunteers preparation,  $100 Event Fee,  communication,   consent forms,   rosters,  inspections rules judging,  awards,  hotels,  and nearby stores.

All underlined text is a link to detailed info or a map.  Click a link above to be taken to a specific section on the page. 
General Event Info:

For assistance, contact:
Event Coordinator:  Kidada Simmons
Renee Newman, Volunteer Coordinator

Early Team Check-in and Inspections: @ 7 PM - 8:30 PM  Friday, May 12  Agenda  MUST RSVP FOR FRIDAY CHECKIN by emailing

Event6 AM to 6 PM  Saturday 13 Agenda 


McCollough Unis Middle School  (map)
7801 Maple St.
Dearborn, MI 48126

You will drop off and unload in the arched drive of the north parking lot (on the right in the image below). 
Only use the parking lot on Diversey street for overflow parking. Last-resort parking can be on Maple Street across 
from the front of the school.

Loading in and out:  Load in and out through the oval drive at the south end of the main parking lot. You'll be loading into the school cafeteria and will see signs and greeters for Team Check-In, Volunteer Check-in, the Pit, Concessions, and Restrooms (at the south end of the cafeteria, on the wall across from the doors you enter.) 

School with Parking 


Food for Volunteers: Free food will be provided to volunteers on Friday at 5 p.m. and all-day Saturday, courtesy of the Dearborn Schools, Unis PTA, and the McU-bots Robotics Team.  

Food -Concessions:
Concessions (beginning at 6:30 a.m.) will have coffee, tea, Gatorade, juice, and pop for sale (cash), as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner items throughout the day. Expect $1 items: Donuts, Bagels, Small Drinks, Pop, Granola Bars, Chips, Snacks
                     $2 Items: Pizza Slices, Gatorade, Large Coffee
                     $3 Breakfast Combo: Bagel w/ cream cheese OR Muffin, + Fruit + Orange Juice OR Coffee
                     $3 Lunch Combo: Pizza slice OR Nachos OR Hotdog + Chips + Drink + Cookie

Food Pre-ordering Through the Event Host: 
Teams can pre-order Pizza ($7 for large),  either Cheese or Pepperoni (Halal / Kosher ) for delivery to the team at 12:20 in the lunch area. Just email with PIZZA ORDER in the subject line. Tell us the number of each type of pizza, calculate your total, and make checks payable to "McCollough-Unis School". Submit checks at Registration on Friday or Saturday morning. 

Food from outside for delivery to school or for pick-up: 

If you pre-order from any of these restaurants before 11:15 a.m., you're guaranteed free delivery between 12:15 and 12:30:
SINCE THESE RESTAURANTS DON'T OPEN UNTIL 11 AM on Saturday, try to ORDER on FRIDAY for SATURDAY DELIVERY before 12:30 (Lunch time). 
*You can pay over the phone with a card. 

Jet's Pizza*:  (313) 584-1400  (delivery $3;  pickup 4 blocks away, 2 mins.) map 
Little Ceasars Pizza*  (313) 943-3380 (pickup only - 4 blocks from event, 2 mins.)  map 

Kong Kow Chinese (313) 581-5576  Lunch Combo Menu $6. (pickup only,  cash only,  8 mins.,  2.1 miles)  map 
Red Star Chinese*   (313) 581-1451 (free delivery for preorders) (pickup,  9 mins., 2.3 miles)  map 

Al Ameer Lebanese* (313) 582-8185   menu   (pick up,  4 mins.,  1 mile)   map   

Habib's South  Asian Food & Market  Indian  (313) 436-0457  (pickup, 1.1 miles, 7 minutes)  map
Maharaja Grill*(Indian):  (313) 769-5902 (delivery, 6.2 miles, 18 mins.)  map

Dashboard:  Teams will not see their confirmed events on their FIRST dashboard. See   FTC Events page.
For posted event confirmations, see  MI FTC Team List. Problems? email:
Event Participation: A team's presence is expected at the events where they've been confirmed. A late withdrawal from a confirmed event causes issues (planning and financial) for the host and reflects negatively on the team. As competition is a requirement of teams accepting FIRST, FIRST in Michigan, MDE, and/or sponsor specific grants; withdrawing from an event could impact grant awards. Remember, feeling "not ready" is usual - group support is available at the event!
Friday load-in/early inspections. Ease the Saturday morning "crunch"! Friday Agenda: The Venue will be setting up for the event beginning at 3:30 until 6:30 (team help is appreciated);  Volunteers Training and Dinner is at 5;  Team Check-ins begin at 7;  Inspections follow 7 to 8:30; Venue AV checks 7-9; Doors close at 9:30.

Saturday 6:30 AM FTC events start early on Saturday with teams needing to pass Robot/Field Inspections and cycle through their assigned judging timeslot within the 7:30-10 a.m, timeframe (est.). Teams should plan to be on site Saturday right when doors open at 7 a.m.
Saturday's Agenda: 6 a.m. School Opens; 6:30 Volunteers Report; 7 to 8 Teams Check in;  8 to 10 Inspections & Judging; 10:15 Drivers' Meeting; 10:30 Opening Ceremony;  11 Matchplay; 12:30 to 1 Lunch;  1 to 3 Matchplay;  3:15 Alliances Selection;  3:30 to 4:30 Elimination Rounds;  5 Awards;  5:30 Tear Down;  8 Building Closes. 

Team Volunteer: Each Team Must Lend 1 All-day Volunteer to the Event

All volunteers must register for the Dearborn Spring Event through VIMS.  FIRST in Michigan events are 100% volunteer driven. Teams are expected to provide one volunteer (whole day) at events where they participate. This volunteer doesn't have to be a team mentor - ask a parent, relative, or friend! It's fun and they get a shirt, volunteer pin,  luncheon, and applause! 

For new FIRST participants, there is a background screening that is part of the VIMS process, which takes 3-5 days to get the security clearance. This screening is free (but you can donate the cost of $8). 

Existing team mentors just need to sign into VIMS to volunteer for the event. Complete VIMS instructions are here

Team event volunteers cannot fill the roles of Judge, Referee, or Scorekeeper as they have an affiliation with a team competing at the event. There are many roles that require no prior experience and have "on the job" type of training. Volunteers can choose "Assign as needed" on VIMS to give the Volunteer Coordinator flexibility in the assignment. Questions? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Renee Newman.

Event Preparation:
Event Fee $100 to McCollough-Unis School.  At check-in, you will remit the $100 event fee (make checks payable to the McCollough-Unis School). This fee is not covered by any FiM grants. Receipts for the event fee can be requested from the host. Communications: The event host only communicates with the Lead Coach/Mentor 1 and 2 for each team. 
Please share event specific information with your team members and their families.
Consent/Release Forms and Team Rosters: MANDATORY FOR EVERY EVENT

Reminder to teams that the FIRST in Michigan-specific Consent/Release form (hard copy) should be used IN ADDITION to the FIRST national Consent/Release form. This means every participant must have two signed Consent/Release forms.

Consent and Release (C/R) forms - two per team member; (1)  FIRST in Michigan Consent / Release Form
                                                                                                         (1)  FIRST National Consent / Release Form

FIRST National Consent/Release form: Two ways to do it.
(1)  Age 12 or older - Log in to website and click on the "Complete Youth Team Member Registration" button on the Dashboard to navigate to the Youth Team Member Registration. If you are a new user, you may create an account by clicking the "Sign Up" link on the top-right corner of our website; Youth Team Registration Guide (pdf with screenshots). This process will enable the parent/guardian of the team member to electronically sign the FIRST national C/R form. Note that these team members will additionally need a signed paper copy of the FIRST in Michigan Consent/Release form. 

(2)  Under the age of 12 - These students are NOT able to apply to a team in STIMS as the lower age limit is set to 12. Parents/guardians of any students under 12 must complete the paper copy of the FIRST national Consent and Release form. Please follow the process described on the Youth Team Member Registration site page of the FIRST FTC website. Parents/guardians turn the form into their student’s coach, who will turn in the team’s roster and a paper-copy of the FIRST in Michigan Consent and Release forms at the event. Paper forms must be turned in at each event where that student participates. Link to the paper registration form and FIRST national Consent/Release form:
Team Roster: Team coach must turn in one roster at check-in for EVERY event. The roster can be in one of 3 formats (see below). FTC team size is capped at 15.

(1) STIMS produced roster - for teams comprised of students who are all 12 or older. Print out a team roster via the Team Information Management System. An example of a STIMS produced Team Roster.

(2) The team produced roster - for teams comprised of students who are all younger than 13. 
The coach must also turn in the completed paper copy Consent and Release forms for all of the students. Downloadable Team Roster Template.

(3) Hybrid - Coach writes in the names of any students, who are younger than 12, on the STIMS produced roster.
Team and Robot Preparation


A few tips on ensuring a good event experience and a well-behaved robot:

Event Information for Teams; what to expect at an event

Robot Inspection Checklist Robots must pass both a hardware and field inspection before playing in matches. Inspections are generally between 8-10am the morning of the event.

Keep all batteries charged! The majority of robot issues at events have been traced back to a low TETRIX battery or low phone batteries. Bring extra batteries and chargers to your events.

Good wire management: Robots encounter many bumps and jiggles at events (rolling over balls, climbing ramps, other robots, etc.) which can loosen wire connections and cause communication issues. Secure all connections between phones/modules/batteries, strain relieves wires where needed, and no loose dangling wires (zip ties!) Visit the FTC Robot Wiring Guide for wiring best practices.
Know the rules! Read Game Manual 1 and Game Manual 2 - knowledge is power!

Safety Glasses

Reminder to all that safety glasses are REQUIRED and must be worn at all times in the competition field area and in the pits. The safety glasses available for borrowing at pit admin are intended for visitors only, not for teams, and the supply is very limited. There aren't enough for team usage. Per section 4.5 of Game Manual 1:4.5 Eye Protection and Safety: FIRST requires all Teams to bring and supply ANSI Z87.1 certified safety glasses for their members, mentors, and guests for each Competition.
FTAs, CSAs and Inspections

Your event's Field Technical Advisor (FTA) and Control System Advisor (CSA) are amazing resources available to teams BEFORE match play begins. If your team has field communication issues - please do not struggle in silence! Visit the FTA at the competition field either at early check-in on Friday or early Saturday morning for assistance. They've pretty much seen it all and can diagnose problems quickly and efficiently. They can also connect your team to the CSA on site for more in-depth robot triage.

Teams should go through Robot Inspections as early as possible, even if your team is having field communications issues. It is helpful to get this aspect "under your belt" so that the team can focus on other areas i.e. judging, field inspections, tweaking the robot, etc.

A note about Gracious Professionalism
Teams are expected to behave in a gracious and professional manner at events. This goes for team coaches and mentors as well. Just in the way that positive behavior, that exemplifies the values of FIRST, reflects positively on a team; negative behavior will reflect poorly on a team. Judges are informed by event volunteers when stellar behavior and actions are noted - but they are also informed when poor behavior and actions are noted. The true test of gracious professionalism is when things aren't going well - coaches and mentors are asked to monitor team behavior and to set a good example for their team members and model appropriate behavior at all times. 
Venue Rules
(1) Teams will receive a table placed in the pits.
(2) Teams will have access to power in their pit. Please bring an extension cord and power strip for team use in the pits.
(3) No tents, structures or canopies may be set up in the pits.
(4) Teams may display their poster boards in their pits.
(5) Please label all equipment with your team number.
(6) Please remember to bring safety glasses for all team members and mentors. Safety glasses will be required in the pits and on the Competition Field
Awards & Judging
Our spring events will be presenting the FTC Core Awards (no optional awards). Descriptions of all FTC Awards

The Engineering Book is a key deliverable for a team and is a required component for consideration of many awards. Please make sure your Engineering Book is clearly marked with your team number on the front/back/spine/etc.

FTC Control Award: This is a Core Award for FTC. The Control Award celebrates a team that uses sensors and software to enhance the robot’s functionality on the field. Note that a team MUST APPLY for the Control Award in order to be considered for the award. Team's applying should fill out the Control Award Content Sheet, located in Game Manual Part I, Appendix 3 and linked below. And, the team's Engineering Notebook must include an Engineering Section that documents the control components.

The Control Award Content Sheet should be turned in (along with the team's Engineering Book) at the team's morning Judging session. 

Award / Judging Information

  • Each team will have a 15-minute judging session between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

  • Up to 10 minutes of this time may be used for a prepared presentation to the judges

  • The remaining time will be for Q&A from the judges

  • Judging schedules will not be released prior to the event, it will be given to teams as they check in

  • All teams should plan on being ready to go into judging at 8 a.m. Saturday morning

  • Remember to bring your Engineering Notebooks

Hotel Information (Newest Hotels in Area)

22324 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, MI 48124

24105 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, Michigan 48124
(313) 565-1500
Hotel Highlights
-Complimentary Breakfast Buffet

24041 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, Michigan 48124
United States
(313) 565-1800
Hotel Highlights
-Complimentary Hot Breakfast 



Hardware Stores in Area

(1) Builder's Hardware (an ACE Hardware with everything! 1 block from the event!)

8033 Schaefer Hwy, Detroit, MI 48228

      Phone(313) 584-8080     MAP 

(2) There are also several Office Supply / General Hardware / Tech stores within 3 miles of the event (a 9-minute drive):

       Best Buy,  Walmart,  Target,   Home Depot   links are to directions from the school

Drug Stores in Area

(1) Walgreens (3 blocks away) 
      13601 W Warren Ave.
     Dearborn, MI 48126
     (313) 624–9530   MAP

(2) CVS (1 mile away)
      350 East Warren Avenue Detroit, MI 48202
      313-833-0201    MAP

Go Teams!
Tammy Damrath                                 Kidada Simmons, Event Coordinator                 
Renee Newman, Event Volunteer Coordinator (May 2017)
FIRST in Michigan FTC                      McCollough-Unis School McU-Bots