Thank you to these Dedicated Volunteers

who gave up their Friday night to set up the venue for the competition:
Tammy Damrath, FIRST Michigan

Kidada Simmons, Event Coordinator, Unis MS Science Teacher, McU-Bots Leader

Clinton Crace, Unis Middle School Track Coach, and the Unis Track Team

Renee Garcia, Fordson Geometry Teacher, RoboTractors Leader

Vincent W


Event Setup & Early Team Check-ins and Inspections  ~  Agenda

Friday, May 12, 2017

3:30 - 6:30 PM:  Event Setup  

5:00 PM:  Volunteer Training & Dinner

7:00 PM:  Team Check-ins & Inspections

7 - 9:00 PM:  Venue System Tests (sound, AC, fields)

9:30 PM:  Doors close for the evening

Event Chairman, Kidada Simmons; Volunteer Coordinator, Renee Newman; setup crew; 
Inspectors; FiM FTA;  light FiM crew (basically trailer driver and Tammy); 
Worker bees are important and local FIRST teams (especially FRC) will help.