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McU-Bots Robotics Team at McCollough-Unis School, 7801 Maple St, Dearborn, MI 48126. (313) 827-1700.

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Purpose: McU-Bots Robotics Team at McCollough-Unis School, 7801 Maple St, Dearborn, MI 48126. (313) 827-1700.

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                                                                                                   The Mc-Ubots Robotics Team at McCollough-Unis School
Thank you from the McU-bots Robotics Team at McCollough-Unis School in Dearborn, Michigan USA!

Dear Community Members,

The McU-Bots Middle School Robotics Team at McCollough-Unis School,
would like to invite you to partner with us as we host two exciting robotics events on May 12 and 13, and December 8 and 9!

Please see the pictures and descriptions of the things we need below. If you can help, please contact Mrs. Newman

During lunch and dinner at the events, we need LOTS OF FOOD!

Can you be a preferred supplier of pre-ordered food or site-ordered food and beverages? 

Lunch and dinner time look like this. Visiting Teams take delivery of lots of pizza and food from local restaurants.

Can you deliver food to our event or sell food on-site?
   ****If so, please give us a limited menu with pricing to put on our PRE-ORDER & EVENT-ORDER FOOD FORM. 
   ****We can also make your menus/flyers available on our event website and on-site. 
   ****Preference is given to businesses who'll offer a donation to McUbots 
         (for example, a donation of $1. for each pizza sold, or donation of supplies or food for concessions.)


Can you donate or discount any of these items? 

Packed cafeteria at lunch. Teams order hundreds of pizzas.

We also need lots of manpower for these volunteer events!

Can you supply volunteers?  

We need:
   Parking Directors, Traffic Directors,  Loading Assistants,
   Event Coordinators,  Master of Ceremony, Competition Judges
   Safety Stations, Hall Monitors, Concessions Workers, 
   Pit Monitors, Crowd Control, Lost and Found,
   Volunteer Coordinators.

This is a busy event:

Busy Robotics Competition with fans and teams teams queud up.

A robot competition on field one with First Volunteers and Referees.

We also need Awards, Trophies, &  Event Publications!

Does your business make trophies?
Do you print lawn signs, event booklets, banners, buttons, or t-shirts?

We need:  Team Invites, Team Reminders, Lawn Signs
Email Newsletter, Banners, Wall Signs (to Bathrooms, Cafeteria, Pits, Competition, Checkin, Volunteers, Safety, etc....)
Event Map, Event Program, and 
T-shirts: STAFF, REFEREE, FTC, Dearborn FTC Event, McU-Bots.

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